WIPHEADS EP. 04 - Hand-painted WIP caps by CJ Trinidad (Shoes Ginoo)

WIPHEADS EP. 04 - Hand-painted WIP caps by CJ Trinidad (Shoes Ginoo)

CJ Trinidad is a local artist whose passion for art inspired him to expand his canvas onto wearable items. From his humble beginnings painting shoes for himself and his friends, he started his own business playfully called Shoes Ginoo. Eventually, CJ branched out into customizing caps as WIPheads and cap collectors alike took notice of his incredible hand-painted works.


We're truly inspired by his unique style and attention to intricate details, along with his refreshing takes on some of our favorite designs and collaborations. The WIPheads who have their caps customized completely trust him with the creative process and are proud to showcase their hand-painted caps with the rest of their collections.


CJ reminds us that art and design are ever-evolving mediums for self-expression and changing perspectives in this world. We're honored to have our caps used as canvases for his creative ideas and pursuits. If you're interested in getting your shoes or caps customized, you're definitely in good hands with Shoes Ginoo!


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