Anti-Piracy Movement

All our goods are designed in-house by the WIP team. It is a personal yet meaningful collaborative process. We put our heads together, inspired by our experiences and our environment, in order to bring together something new. We put a lot of thought into the concepts, execution and materials infused in every cap. We curate and experiment with different fabrics, textiles, and styles of embroidery that allow us to best showcase the aesthetics and vibes that we feel are important to us and our customers. 

We have also teamed up with a growing roster of artists, musicians, brands and movements that place their trust in our expertise when it comes to producing high-quality head-wear. We've always made it a point to be involved and active in the local and international creative community--because of this, we have full confidence in what we do and what we put out into the market. We don't cut corners. 

However, there are those who choose to take our designs and sell them as their own in the name of profit. They don't seem to understand the passion and care it takes to cultivate a brand or the effort put into ensuring that all our standards are consistently met. Instead, they take what already exists and produce half-assed versions of them. Piracy runs rampant in every industry, especially in fashion. Even the most luxurious brands are vehemently pirated, distributed and sold for cheap in the underground market. Although we understand the deeper origins of this style of business, along with the trappings of poverty and corruption, it remains a lucrative strategy used to pave paths to quick cash, regardless of its repercussions. In the end, piracy is a backwards and narrow-minded way of acting and thinking--it's quite unprofessional, really.

WIP encourages originality, variety, and artistry. We believe that each person can be creative when they find their craft, whatever it may be. Go ahead and remix a concept or create something completely new--you can do anything you want--but never take credit or profit for another's hard work. Piracy is more than just stealing ideas or replicating products for your own benefit--it is strongly indicative of our collective mentality and our attitude towards creatives. It is disrespectful to artists, the community and the culture we have been supporting for years.

The next time you see someone wearing or selling fake WIP caps, feel free to give them a heads up about aspects of the bigger picture that they choose to overlook by continuing to do what they do. No amount of raids or lawsuits will ever eradicate these issues unless the people themselves awaken and choose to change their perspectives. Ignorance is a choice. Just keep it real.

To be sure that you don't unknowingly purchase fake products, please buy directly from WIP HQ, our webstore or our trusted partner stores and stockists. Remember that you always get what you pay for--and when you support pirates, you buy into the culture of bootlegging.

For reports of fake WIP distributors or sellers, we would greatly appreciate that you contact us with details and/or photos at

Fuck Piracy! Support Originality!