Celebrating our history with The MNL 'HOMECOMING' snapback.
There's no place like home.
June 21, 2019 by WIP CAPS


The MNL 'Kalayaan' represents our historical battles for Freedom and how the past continues to
influence the present. Through the Philippine revolutionary press, we have preserved anecdotes
that hold wisdom and exist to this very day in order to be learned from. Inspired by stories of solidarity
and our country's struggles for independence, this design takes its cues from newspapers
whose printed media helped support revolutions and ignite sparks of hope among Filipinos.

August 25, 2017 by WIP CAPS


Intramuros is well-known for its cultural heritage and historical importance, highlighted by the
majestic structure of
Fort Santiago. Taking our cues from camouflage, we patterned the
fabric after the sturdy walls of Intramuros accented with a dark brown Suede brim and button.

September 09, 2016 by WIP CAPS


   Renowned graphic team, Nick Automatic, has once again partnered up with Wipcaps to produce a sweet new release! Long awaited by many Wipheads and Nickheads alike, The Glider is totally worth the wait! This is the third time we’ve collaborated and it’s always a pleasure  to have a meeting of the minds from Manila […]

The 3rd Tondo Hip Hop Summit: MNL Tondo Cap Release

On May 18, 2013, the 3rd Tondo Hip Hop Summit happened right smack in the middle of the streets of Tondo, Manila. This block party event is an annual celebration of the local hip hop scene, focusing on the artists who grew up and honed their talents in the colorful district of Tondo. As part of our MNL district series, we linked up with artists who take pride in calling Tondo their home, and designed a cap to showcase its raw and vibrant history. They rocked our caps that day with style and we are grateful to have been able to help pay tribute to their hometown.

The MNL district series will be featuring other main districts of Manila, namely Sta. Cruz, Sta. Ana, Ermita, Quiapo and Binondo. We are planning to throw parties just like this for each cap release from this series, so watch out for a WIP CAPS event that could happen in your area soon!

The MNL District Series: Tundo (Tondo)

 Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of the Tundo cap from our upcoming MNL district series. The MNL District Series looks to go back to the real streets of the city of Manila. We’ve taken a deeper look at the history and culture of each district to pay homage to the people who are part of […]
May 16, 2013 by wipcaps