WIP X Gearhead: ‘W’ Wear With Pride 'Freedom' & 'Courage'

WIP X Gearhead: ‘W’ Wear With Pride 'Freedom' & 'Courage'

Showcase your national pride with the WIP x GearHead Wear With Pride 'W' Freedom and 'W' Courage snapbacks! The WWP collection is inspired and creatively conceptualized by the origins, historical significance and symbolic legacy of the Philippine National flag: the country's most cherished symbol. It is the nation's emblem of solidarity, sovereignty and represents the sacrifices our heroes made for our hard-earned freedom. 


The classic 'W' logo is stitched in White, Yellow, Blue and Red: colors that stand for the genuine sense nationalism that binds all Filipinos. The Philippine flag stood as witness to the glorious events of our history. The Philippine Eagle design embroidered on the right side adopts a modern version of the Eagle in the Philippine's Coats of Arms with a golden star which symbolizes Great Strength and Vision, similar to the 'Lord of the Sky' cap.

The 'W' Freedom cap with the blue (asul) under brim means truth, justice and peace. The cap represents the proclamation of Philippine Independence on June 12, 1898 by President Emilio Aguinaldo in Kawit, Cavite. "The blue color of the sky means our hope in a future prosperity, through progress." (Mariano Ponce, a Filipino patriot, 1898.)


The 'W' Courage with the red (pula) underbrim represents valor and patriotism. The cap represents "The Cry of Sta. Barabara". It was in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo "The Cradle of the Philippine Revolution" on Nov. 17, 1898 where General Martin Delgado the captain of the voluntarios first hoisted the Philippine flag outside Luzon. "The red means the blood with which we bought our independence." (Mariano Ponce, a Filipino patriot, 1899.)

"Our desire to modernize, while maintaining its strong heritage."
Wear with Pride. Under the Shades of Red and Blue.
"It's not just a cap. It's a rEvolution."

The 'W' Wear With Pride cap collection reminds us of our sublime duty to honor the sacrifices our heroes made, along with all the noble men and women who helped pave the way into what our country is today. This design encourages us all to have the courage to embrace our full potential and fulfill our true identity with independence.

Watch this feature with Gab of Gearhead showcasing his custom caps produced by WIP

Coined from the term 'revolution' and 'evolution', the design approach is a combination of tradition and modernity with stand-out originality. Iloilo-based designer Nollzz (Snaps & Threads) spent months working on the design elements with intricate attention to detail, form and functionality. This two-part release is timeless and made to withstand the everyday wear of modern-day Filipinos. Get your Wear With Pride 'W' Freedom & 'W' Courage snapbacks now for PHP1650 each at Gearhead Online, The Locals PH (Iloilo city), WIP HQ and our webstore.

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