We're proud to present this highly-anticipated collaboration with Stick Figgas, inspired by their album 'Realistick', with songs that tackle different ways to elevate your consciousness through music. Made with Hemp fabric, this cap is reminiscent of a vineyard (or 'Ubasan' in Tagalog) full of vibrant purple buds and green leaves, abundant with organic medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Listen to 'Realistick' for free on Spotify!

What initially started out as an underground Hip-Hop duo has expanded into a full-fledged super-group with other artists and musicians that are considered veterans in the local scene. Together, Loonie and Ron Henley are backed-up by a solid band with Kat Agarrado (Sinosikat?) on vocals, JC Sebastian (Black Bone Media Prod) on guitar, Tuts Calinawan (Queso) on bass, Macky Brillantes (Motherbasss) on drums, B-Boy Garcia (Queso) on turntables, and Nikki Cabardo (Sinosikat?) on keyboard.

Since the debut of their first album 'Critical Condition' back in 2007, they've evolved from a dynamic duo to a big band of eight--and they've come a long way since their humble beginnings as young aspiring rappers. Stick Figgas stands out through their ability to combine different elements from varying genres and scenes into one distinct, cohesive sound. Their live performances and shows never fail to amaze and inspire the same fans that have followed their journey throughout the years. Through their experimentation and ability to compliment one another as both artists and friends, Stick Figgas is definitely one of our favorite local groups and we're honored to have had the opportunity to pay tribute to their success with this collaboration.

Due to high demand, the 'Stick Figgas' Hemp snapbacks are available for pre-sale from Oct. 19-Oct. 26 exclusively at WIP HQ and our webstore! Every cap includes a limited-edition sticker and a secret stash pocket. If you're a WIPheads membership card holder, you can get 10% off the published pre-sale rate of PHP1550 at checkout. After pre-sale period, the cap will retail at PHP1650 each. All pre-orders will be shipping out by October 31. Check the product page for more details.

"Nilukso ko ang kalawakan, nais kong lasahan ang hiwaga ng halaman. Ipakita sa akin ang mundo ng makulayan. Sundan ang liwanag, gisingin ang kamalayan." Hiram, Stick Figgas, Realistick 2018

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