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Fliptop battle league was formed within the concrete jungles of Manila--one of the
busiest cities in the Philippines--spreading its roots underground and eventually
branching out to create a massive movement that has cemented itself into our local culture.

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WIP Caps  proudly presents ‘ANYGMA': An in-depth look into the world of FlipTop Battle League, founded by MC, rap battle icon and artist, Anygma. This WIP-exclusive footage will help you understand the current state of hip hop in our country today and get to know the man behind the first filipino rap battle league on a more […]

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Check out footage from our trip with Anygma, Bambu and The Manila Collectible to Intramuros!

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Yesterday, we made our way to Intramuros, Manila.



We headed over to The Manila Collectible Co., found right behind the Manila Cathedral, to rediscover our roots and culture as Filipino people. The Manila Collectible is a one-stop shop for unique and locally crafted products that showcase our country’s originality and talent. Going through the entire room felt like an inspiring journey through our own heritage, paying tribute to our local indigenous tribes whose traditions bring life to beautiful art, fabrics, artifacts and sculptures.

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Here’s the teaser for our WIP caps-exclusive talk with Anygma. Stay tuned for the full video coming soon.

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