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Japan-based brand Boushi Apparels is proud to release its 'Samurai' snapback.
The design, inspired in Japanese culture as “the way of the warrior”,
represents a unique philosophy that values honour, bravery and selflessness.

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We're keeping the weed in progress through our first collaboration with San Francisco-based
dispensary and delivery service Mirage Medicinal. More than just 'a dispensary for the rest of us',
Mirage Medicinal provides expert care and top-shelf products for all their patients and members.

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The Headhunter series is Wip’s first collaboration with graphic and hiphop artist Gap of People’s Future. Almost 2 years in the making, the Headhunter series was inspired by filipino tribesmen of the mountainous province of Benguet. Historically their form of tribal warfare was known to be a vicious one where rival tribes heads were hunted […]

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