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We're proud to premiere our artist feature on legendary Hip Hop group Mastaplann!
We sat down with remaining members
Butch aka Tracer-One and Johnny Krush to
find out more about their roots and how they continue to keep the music legacy alive.

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Mastaplann is one of the most legendary groups in Pinoy Hip Hop history.
Formed back in '92 during the golden era of Hip Hop, their distinct sound and style showcased 
more than just rap, introducing a broader understanding of the culture to Filipinos in the 90's.

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Founded in 2015, Shadow Moses is a local underground hip-hop trio made up of MCs
Chyrho and NINNO, along with beatmaker Six The Northstar. Describing their genre as
"Nerdcore", the group was formed over their unified love for both hip-hop and geek culture.

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