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The 'WPCPS' DNGYNG tee was designed by WIPhead and local artist Nollzz with a design inspired by the annual Dinagyang Festival
Get your limited-edition black 'WPCPS' DNGYNG tees for PHP1000 each at WIP HQ and!
The white versions of the 'WPCPS' DNGYNG tees will be available exclusively at 
the Locals Merch shop in Iloilo city for PHP750 each.

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Showcase your national pride with the WIP x GearHead Wear With Pride 'W' Freedom and 'W' Courage snapbacks!
The WWP collection is inspired and creatively conceptualized by the origins, historical significance and
symbolic legacy of the Philippine National flag: the country's most cherished symbol. It is the nation's emblem of
solidarity, sovereignty and represents the sacrifices our heroes made for our hard-earned freedom.

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We're proud to unveil this collaboration with GearHead Online and Iloilo-based
artist & designer Nollzz (Snaps & Threads), helping raise awareness for our
endangered Philippine endemic species. This nationalistic design symbolizes
'Great Strength and Vision' along with soaring love for our Inang Bayan.

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Noli Umahag AKA
Nollzz, is a proudly Ilonggo illustrator, designer and paper toy artist.
In 2013, he founded PIOD paper crew. 'Píod' is an Ilonggo term that means “to fold.”
We've always been fascinated by his high standards and attention to detail, taking his
time to replicate our designs into intricate works of art that fit in the palm of your hand.

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