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The sixth episode from our ongoing WIPheads series features Benjie Rayala, owner
of Brandead: a store that is home to a wide selection of local clothing,
merchandise and accessories, including his very own brand Hypebeat. Visiting his
shop was like going into a walk-in closet of his personal collection.

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bone thugs, headsup, wipheads -

This ongoing series features some of our most trusted partners & stockists who have been supporters
of the brand throughout the years. These WIPheads have taken it upon themselves to start
their own business by investing in re-selling or producing their own WIP caps. Our second episode
highlights Heads Up Wear. From one of our most trusted stockists to becoming successful collaborators
and brand owners, Edgar Sarmiento, together with his business partner Karell Liwanag got
directly involved in creating the first 'Bonafide' Hemp snapback for Bone Thugs n' Harmony in Manila back in 2014.

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CJ trinidad, custom, shoes ginoo, wipheads -

CJ Trinidad is a local artist whose passion for art inspired him to expand his canvas
onto wearable items. From his humble beginnings painting shoes for himself and his friends,
he started his own business playfully called Shoes Ginoo. Eventually, CJ branched out into
customizing caps as WIPheads and cap collectors alike took notice of his incredible hand-painted works.

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warehouse inc, wipheads -

The WIPheads, founded by Gab Mercado, is a group that represents an ever-increasing number of
WIP caps enthusiasts from all over the world. From its humble beginnings as a local facebook group,
the WIPheads have since expanded and transformed into a full-grown community.
This design by our official stockist and partner store Warehouse 1nc. pays tribute to
the WIPheads family, currently estimated at close to 10,000 members strong.

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WIP collectors, wipheads -

Our third episode of the WIP Collectors series features avid WIPhead Trev Lopez and his fascination
with cap collecting and customization. Through his creative tweaks on our existing designs, he finds 
ways to express himself by personalizing some of his favorite pieces to make them his own.

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